A Look At Freedom's Currents

A Look At Freedom's Currents
Each time a person stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others. . .they send forth a ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance." Robert F. Kennedy

21st Century's Priority One

1) Implementation of: The Promise of New Energy Systems & Beyond Oil ___________________________________________ #1 Disolves the Problem of the ill designed "Corporism: The Systemic Disease that Destroys Civilization." through simple scientific common sense ___________________________________________ _________ Using grade school physics of both Newtonian and Nuclear models, does anyone foresee counter currents of sufficient size to minimize/change direction of the huge Tsunami roaring down on us, taking away not only our Freedom, but our Lives? Regardless if our salaries are dependant on us not knowing the inconvenient truths of reality (global warming, corporate rule, stagnant energy science) portrayed by the rare articles in the news media? I know only one - a free science, our window to Reality - that easily resolves the Foundational Problem of Quantum Physics and takes E=MC2 out of Kindergarten

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Drug Prices Skyrocket: How a Drug Went From $50 to $28,000 a Vial

Ever wonder why in a world of exploding population numbers with exponentially increasing survival and consumer needs, a whole world economy can crash and then continuously decline sideways and downward, deeper in debt?

Drug Prices Skyrocket:  How a Drug Went From $50 to $28,000 a Vial
Ever wonder where the thoughts depicted in protest signs below come from?
Ever wonder why in a world of exploding population numbers with exponentially increasing survival and consumer needs, a whole world economy can crash and then continuously decline sideways and downward deeper in debt?
Ever wonder why the E=MC2 concept has remained stagnant in the cradle it was born in , for over 100 years, with only a crude and lethal access to atomic energies.  Has no one considered there may be numerous other safe means of access besides the primitive methods currently in use? The potential for Unlimited energy application was possible since the late 1940's, to erase global warming, poverty, and bring back an economy FOR LIFE.
Who would want to keep humanity so stupid, and even pay them (in wages) to support a self strangulating global corporate system?  EBITDA for the Investors???


·        $28,000.00 per vial

     Prices for drugs skyrocket
Questcor Finds Profits, at $28,000 a Vial. How a Drug went from $50 to $28,000 a Vial   
Drug companies are quietly pushing through price hikes of 100% — or even more than 1,000%.Questcor Pharmaceuticals last August raised the wholesale price on Acthar, which treats spasms in babies, from about $1,650 a vial to more than $23,000.
The Federal Trade Commission was asked in April to investigate Ovation Pharmaceuticals, which raised prices on four drugs in 2006 by up to 3,437%. Ovation raised the cost of Cosmegen, which treats a type of tumor, from $16.79 to $593.75 in January 2006.
The number of brand-name drugs with increases of 100% or more could double this year from four years ago, researchers from the University of Minnesota say. Many of the drugs are older products that treat fairly rare, but often serious or even life-threatening, conditions.
Kymatica presents some insights to those studying obstacles to intelligence, wisdom, understanding and human evolution, that go beyond the contemporary speculations surrounding the "rise and fall of civilizations" cycles of repetition.  

Nothing can blind intelligent life so thoroughly to perpetuate and support the destruction of life, but for the stagnation in the science of ENERGY evolution, over 100 years stale in the concept of E=MC2.

Let us choose Between an Economy for Life, or the Dragon Eating its Own Tail.

A United Front Creating:
The Energy and Economy Paradigm Shift

Poverty is not a game to be played forever. The complete eradication of poverty was possible in mid-20th century. With 21st century science, it defies intelligence why poverty still exists. Our stagnant views of Energy and the Economy require a dramatic UPGRADE.
The following links present an excellent synopsis of the issues and solutions that we all must address. The “need to know”, the “right to know” remains the most basic, fundamental right of FREEDOM and SURVIVAL.

The Promise of Energy for Everyone Video The George Washington University’s Planet Forward http://planetforward.org/idea/looking-to-nature-for-a-new-take-on-energy





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