A Look At Freedom's Currents

A Look At Freedom's Currents
Each time a person stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others. . .they send forth a ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance." Robert F. Kennedy

21st Century's Priority One

1) Implementation of: The Promise of New Energy Systems & Beyond Oil ___________________________________________ #1 Disolves the Problem of the ill designed "Corporism: The Systemic Disease that Destroys Civilization." through simple scientific common sense ___________________________________________ _________ Using grade school physics of both Newtonian and Nuclear models, does anyone foresee counter currents of sufficient size to minimize/change direction of the huge Tsunami roaring down on us, taking away not only our Freedom, but our Lives? Regardless if our salaries are dependant on us not knowing the inconvenient truths of reality (global warming, corporate rule, stagnant energy science) portrayed by the rare articles in the news media? I know only one - a free science, our window to Reality - that easily resolves the Foundational Problem of Quantum Physics and takes E=MC2 out of Kindergarten

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The One Hundred and Thirty Eight Million -- A Cold Fusion Holocaust

This is Evolution?

The One Hundred and Thirty

Eight Million -- A Cold Fusion Holocaust

Someone else is beginning to count the dead caused by the Energy Lie

The suppression of cold fusion and other exotic energy technologies has killed millions of men, women, and children across the globe. Every day, tens of thousands of deaths occur that are directly related to high energy costs.

When will the killing

spree end? http://pesn.com/2012/01/15/9602013_138_Million_Cold_Fusion_Holocaust

Where is a real Energy Evolution Program

asides from delving into TRIVIA - corn, solar,

wind, geothermal, tidal ect.?????

Another example of the energy lie:

The Ten Inventions of Nikola Tesla Which

Changed The World


They tried to make the world forget his name


And so it continues, encroaching even into the USA (Dec.15th 2011 Census data: Half of U.S. poor or low income).   Golden Greedy Guts, grown ups, yet with a six month old child's belief “it’s all mine”(anal retentive), are unable to comprehend there are other people on Earth, that seven billion people cannot live on 2% of the remaining scrap of wealth, while they, the 2%, take 98% of the world’s wealth and continue to economically strangle the majority on Earth for MORE. The ingenuity of creating a system where the majority work to survive while simultaneously supporting their own economic strangulation for a paycheck!!! The Chinese dragon eating its own tail.

As someone on facebook commented:
“I do believe the statement, ‘No Body Of Men Has The Right To Deny The Technological Evolution Of Mankind’, embraces the full scope of the "Stars & Stripes concept".

"It is interesting to see which pictorial column (at the bottom of this blog) represents the major thrust of humanities productive output today."

If this were a class, how might you describe 'dumbing us down and science blindness'?: Googleing, goo goo ing, twittering, yahooing, footsyballing, with a desperately seeking Susan's escape to trivia, escape from reality (although 60 years past due in energy science will definitely NOT be a trivia outcome function).

Like a puppet pulled by the strings of their Masters, the puppets play pretend theatrical Drama politics – their masters (big money) select (buy) candidates for both sides of the simple two party system, and tell the puppets go Play Pretend Voting Freedom of Choice (even republicans are complaining selected options are NOT OF THEIR CHOICE)"

For the unaware, there is only one way to deny the current worldwide economic strangulation and energy suppression in our 21st century
modern science world - and that is to proclaim energy science has become totally stupid ................. as exemplified by our freedom of transportation and income inequality, controlled by the gambling joint on
Wall Street.

Without a free science, these poor folks

referenced below do not have a glimmer of

hope in succeeding.


Occupy S.F. protesters block banks 1/20/12

(CBS/AP) SAN FRANCISCO - Hundreds of protesters clad in rain gear marched through downtown Friday evening - one of several events in a day of action organized by Occupy San Francisco and other allied groups on the second anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court's decision in Citizens United, which removed limits on how much money corporations could spend on political campaigns. http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-201_162-57363303/occupy-s.f-protesters-block-banks/?tag=cbsContent;cbsCarousel  

Social tensions growing in U.S. between rich,

poor  (AP) WASHINGTON - Tensions between the rich and poor in the U.S. are increasing and at their most intense level in nearly a quarter-century, a new survey shows. Americans now see more social conflict over wealth inequality than over the hot-button topics of immigration, race relations and age. http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-201_162-57357344/social-tensions-growing-in-u.s-between-rich-poor/?tag=cbsnewsSectionContent.1  

We have barely glimpsed the full scope of Energy Evolution and applications


The People's Choice in a True Democracy:
  • Move forward toward Energy & Human Evolution
  • or continue the Backwards Evolution March

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Pentagon Scientists Use ‘Time Hole’ to Make Events Disappear

ENERGY CLARIFICATIONS VS. CONTEMPORARY ENERGY LIEs   Reprinted with permission http://evolution-intelligentdesign-survival.blogspot.com/

(Back in the 1940’s) Project Invisibility, Seeing through Metal Walls, etc.: "We are accustomed to thinking of metals as being completely opaque. However, ordinary glass is just as dense as many metals and harder than most and yet transmits light quite readily. Using a ‘frequency multiplier’, a beam of energy could penetrate the metal and act upon any light that reaches it in such a way that the frequency of the light is multiplied to that of the range between the "X-ray" and the "Cosmic Ray" spectrums. At these frequencies the waves pass through the metal quite readily. Then, when these waves leave the metal on the inside, they again interact with the viewing beam, producing what you would call `beat' frequencies which are identical with the original frequencies of the light, so that while you are apparently seeing through the metal you are actually seeing a reproduction.

Today, it appears Pentagon Scientists

are  taking the first feeble steps in

UN-DISAPPEARING what was already

known  in the 1940’s.

Pentagon Scientists Use ‘Time Hole’ to Make

Events Disappear http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2012/01/time-hole  
Soldiers could one day conduct covert operations in complete secrecy, now that Pentagon-backed physicists have figured out how to mask entire events by distorting light.

A team at Cornell University, with support from Darpa, the Pentagon’s out-there research arm, managed to hide an event for 40 picoseconds (those are trillionths of seconds, if you’re counting). They’ve published their groundbreaking research in this week’s edition of the journal Nature.

This is the first time that scientists have succeeded in masking an event, though research teams have in recent years made remarkable strides in cloaking objects. Researchers at the University of Texas, Dallas, last year harnessed the mirage effect to make objects vanish. And in 2010, physicists at the University of St. Andrews made leaps towards using metamaterials to trick human eyes into not seeing what was right in front of them.

Masking an object entails bending light around that object. If the light doesn’t actually hit an object, then that object won’t be visible to the human eye.

Where events are concerned, concealment relies on changing the speed of light. Light that’s emitted from actions, as they happen, is what allows us to see those actions happen. Usually, that light comes in a constant flow. What Cornell researchers did, in simple terms, is tweak that ongoing flow of light — just for a mere iota of time — so that an event could transpire without being observable.

The entire experiment occurred inside a fiber optics cable. Researchers passed a beam of green light down the cable, and had it move through a lens that split the light into two frequencies, one moving slowly and the other faster. As that was happening, they shot a red laser through the beams. Since the laser “shooting” occurred during a teeny, tiny time gap, it was imperceptible.

Sure, the team’s got a ways to go before they’re able to mask 30 seconds of action, let alone several minutes. But the research certainly opens up new possibilities. For one, masking super-quick events, like those that occur with data transmission, could help conceal covert computer operations.

In the words of Nature editors, the research marks “a significant step towards full spatio-temporal cloaking.” But it could be decades before military personnel will basically be able to zap history, as it happens: According to Cornell scientists, it’d take a machine 18,600 miles long to produce a time mask that lasts a single second.


First, Invisibility Cloaks; Now, Real-World Levitation

* Army Eyes Invisibility Cloak 

* Cloak of Light Makes Drone Invisible? 

* Shoot-Through, Invisible, Self-Healing Shields: Darpa Goal


Revising Limited Space, Time and Energy Concepts: 

TIME: Many of the difficulties which we encounter in our attempt to understand the operation of the natural laws arise because of our severely restricted concept of the nature of time. Time follows the same curve of natural law which is apparent in the operation of all the basic factors of nature, and again the radius of that curvature is measured by the quantity C. Follow the example in StarSteps which puts us in a unique position from which we can, from a single point in time, observe ourselves occupying three rather widely separated positions in space.

SPACE: The degree of separation which exists between any two bodies is determined by the degree of curvature of the natural laws which exist between them. In making observations, of course, we must remember that, since the natural laws are relative, the mass of the body itself influences the degree of curvature

 • ENERGY: We will define energy as the ability to create changes in the position or condition of objects or points of reference. However, energy can create change, only when there exists a differential in the two points between which the change becomes manifest, or when the unit of energy has become divided into its two component parts called poles, or charges. One positive and one negative pole or charge,when united, constitute one photon or quantum of energy.

The quantity C:  is the measure of the radius of curvature of all natural law. The Quantity C actually represents the kinetic energy equivalent of the mass energy of matter. It is the factor which will enable us to determine precisely the degree of change in the curvature of one law which will be brought about by a specified change in the application of the others. It is the factor which will eventually tell us how to place our transport vehicles in either the positive or negative portion of the gravitational curve with respect to the earth or any other planet which we may choose to visit.

Modulating the Gravitational Curve: The electric charges within the atom are a factor which modulates the shape of the gravitational curve of the nucleus. The shape of the gravitational curve is modified not only by the mass present but also by the number and position of the electrical charges, referring not only to the charges in the outer shell of the atom but to those within as well, and especially to the fact, not always realized, that the neutron possesses both a positive and a negative charge, although when united within the neutron they are not discernible as charges, but exist as energy which produces the gravitational field.

Magnetic and Electronic Resonance: Any magnetic field which is changing in intensity will create an electric field, which, at any given instant is equal in amplitude, opposite in sign, and perpendicular to the magnetic field. If the two fields become mutually resonant, a vector force will be generated. The effect is similar to, and in fact identical with a gravitational field.

Force and Gravity: a symmetry exists between force and gravity – as a changing magnetic field induces an electric field, a changing momentum (a force) induces a gravitational field – unbalanced forces localize the zero point energy of matter.

Field: The electric, magnetic, and gravitational fields are simply special case manifestations of the field principle, and all three result from the division of energy into its two component parts.

National Ignition Facility, Crystals, Project Invisabiity, Zero Point, and Einstein’s 1928 incomplete but testable portions of his Unified Field Theory

We have barely glimpsed the full scope of Energy Evolution and applications


The People's Choice in a True Democracy:
  • Move forward toward Energy & Human Evolution
  • or continue the Backwards Evolution March

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Which Direction 2012? Continued Energy Poverty, or Energy Evolution?

Reprinted with permisssion from http://evolution-intelligentdesign-survival.blogspot.com/

Which Direction 2012?

Continued Energy Poverty, or Energy Evolution?

As Freedom Times stated “The Deadliest Democracy Omission is Science Freedom As we are witnessing, the effects of our shallow, scientific definition and applications of Energy, required for human survival, are becoming increasingly deadly. From global warming, pollution, ecological imbalance, to resource wars, famine, poverty……to both individuals and institutions, unknowingly perpetuating continuous development towards a restricting, limiting, strangulating future, based on skewed and omitted evidence of scientific Energy Reality”


No Body Of Men Has The Right To Deny The Technological Evolution Of Mankind...

Unless everyone thinks science is stupid stuck in oil, we surely must recognize by now that the concept of the quantity C as the kinetic energy equivalent of the mass energy of matter opens the doors to our Musical Universe and unlimited possibilities. E=MC2 does not have to sit stagnant inside a 100 year old box using a primitive lethal access method because, as one example, J.P. Morgan told Tesla these other means to access clean, non radioactive nuclear energy “could not be metered, centralized, controlled”.


Energy Poverty

2. Efforts to Fight Energy Poverty

Photograph by Jeff Smith

Of the world's 7 billion people, one in five does not have access to electricity. And nearly half of the people on Earth still cook on traditional stoves fueled by wood, peat, waste, or dung. The resulting pneumonia, emphysema, bronchitis, and cardiovascular disease due to smoke and soot inhalation causes an estimated 1.9 million premature deaths a year—more than double the number of deaths due to malaria, by World Health Organization statistics.

"Energy poverty translates into grinding, dehumanizing poverty," said United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon this fall in announcing the organization's new goal of achieving energy access for all by 2030. How to finance this effort, and how to ensure that the goal is achieved without worsening the planet's greenhouse gas overload, will be a key focus of a huge U.N. Conference on Sustainable Development June 2012 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil—an event that marks the 20th anniversary of the Earth Summit held in the same city.

"We cannot continue to burn our way to prosperity," said Ban. The seemingly conflicting goals of spurring economic development and curbing emissions from fossil fuels have stymied global negotiations on a climate change solution in the 20 years since the original Rio summit.

And yet advocates for the world's energy poor have pointed to International Energy Agency estimates that financing universal energy access would cost only about 3 percent of the world's current total global investments in energy. And spread of more modern means of cooking and lighting would reduce deforestation and the harmful black carbon emissions that worsen global warming. Ghana-based Toyola Energy is one of many companies worldwide making more efficient cookstoves, pictured here, to help provide cleaner energy for cooking at an affordable price. Carbon-credit financing lowers the cost of the devices and Toyola was on track to sell more than 60,000 of its energy-efficient cookstoves in 2011, up from 51,000 the previous year.

The public-private partnership, the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, launched with the help of the nonprofit United Nations Foundation, was working to spread such solutions and raise awareness of the solvable problem.

The People's Choice in a True Democracy:
  • Move forward toward Energy & Human Evolution
  • or continue the Backwards Evolution March