A Look At Freedom's Currents

A Look At Freedom's Currents
Each time a person stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others. . .they send forth a ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance." Robert F. Kennedy

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1) Implementation of: The Promise of New Energy Systems & Beyond Oil ___________________________________________ #1 Disolves the Problem of the ill designed "Corporism: The Systemic Disease that Destroys Civilization." through simple scientific common sense ___________________________________________ _________ Using grade school physics of both Newtonian and Nuclear models, does anyone foresee counter currents of sufficient size to minimize/change direction of the huge Tsunami roaring down on us, taking away not only our Freedom, but our Lives? Regardless if our salaries are dependant on us not knowing the inconvenient truths of reality (global warming, corporate rule, stagnant energy science) portrayed by the rare articles in the news media? I know only one - a free science, our window to Reality - that easily resolves the Foundational Problem of Quantum Physics and takes E=MC2 out of Kindergarten

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Cholesterol Drug Has No Benefit in Trial, Makers Say

Trust our lives to the ill defined corporate greedy guts model. Contempt for life? Science suppression spells disaster in countless arenas of our lives - Evolution Freedom Survival The Promise of New Energy

More Problems For Vytorin Makers
NEW YORK, Jan. 16, 2008
(CBS) You've heard the commercial: "Cholesterol comes from two sources." And it looks like Vytorin's problems are coming from two sources as well, CBS News correspondent Susan Koeppen reports. First, from Capitol Hill, where Congress wants to know why it took the drug-makers Schering-Plough and Merck almost two years to reveal results of a study showing that Vytorin, which combines Zocor with Zetia, is no more effective than Zocor alone. "The drug from a health point of view, is not what it's advertised," said Rep. Bart Stupak, D-Mich. Stupak signed and sent letters today to both drugmakers requesting documentation about what they knew and when they knew it - and whether they withheld information to protect their profits. Vytorin is more expensive than Zocor, which is available generically. "Schering-Plough and Merck were supposed to provide information by 5 p.m. last night. At 4:50 they dropped off very incomplete files," Stupak said. "We need the information." The letter also expresses concern about Vytorin's direct-to-consumer advertising campaign. "It's just a fraud," Stupak said." The second source of problems comes from inside Shering-Plough itself. Turns out President Carrie Smith Cox sold 900,000 shares of stock worth $28 million last spring. That's after the study was completed, but well before the findings were made public this week. Both Schering-Plough and Merck told CBS News that they did not find out the results of the study done by outside researchers until two weeks ago. But the drug-makers had plenty of reasons not to want that information made public - almost half a million prescriptions for Vytorin are written every week.

January 14, 2008
Cholesterol Drug Has No Benefit in Trial, Makers Say
A clinical trial of Zetia, a cholesterol-lowering drug prescribed to about 1 million people a week, failed to show that the drug has any medical benefits, Merck and Schering-Plough said on Monday.
The results will add to the growing concern ...full text

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